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ASU Blockchain Research

The Blockchain Innovation Society (BIS) is ASU’s first student-led blockchain organization. The organization is open to anyone interested in blockchain technology, regardless of background knowledge or ASU enrollment status. The BIS holds weekly general meetings on Mondays at 7:30 PM consisting of lessons, guest speakers, and open discussions.

Beyond the general meetings, the organization is comprised of four committees – Education, Research & Development, Investments, and Consulting – which meet at various times and dates depending on the current project the committee is working on. Below is a brief introduction of what each committee does:

Education: The Blockchain Innovation Society believes that education is the most important component of moving a new and exciting technology such as blockchain forward. The Education committee creates educational material; i.e., YouTube videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc. The organization is not focused on one specific audience and believes in educating as many people as possible.

Research and Development: This committee researches new advances in the field, both at the protocol level and the application level. In addition, those who are developers, or are aspiring developers, will be working on creating and testing the ideas from our research and consulting committee.

Investments: The Investments committee teaches fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and proper risk management practices. The Investments committee believes that proper investing, regardless of the asset class, comes from the methodology used. The investment committee prides itself in giving the resources and tools necessary to invest properly by focusing on education. The Blockchain Innovation Society does not provide professional financial investment advice or personal recommendations.

Consulting: The Consulting committee is in charge of local business outreach and consulting. Not only do we strive to educate university students, but we want to educate the entrepreneurs and business owners in our local community and beyond. The Consulting committee acts as a non-profit and does not expect financial compensation in return for the advice we provide.

We hope to see you at our next meeting (all meetings dates and times can be found at!

BIS Team

Dylan Yarbrough, President
Abhik Chowdhury, Vice President & Director of Education
Avery Carter, Director of Outreach
Marcus Jones, Director of Finance & Consulting
Thomas Shivers, Director of Investment
Nakul Chawla, Co-director of Research & Development
Jeremy Liu, Co-director of Research & Development