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ASU Blockchain Research

Zero Knowledge Proofs: A Feasibility Study for DASH

Overview of Zero Knowledge Proofs Zero knowledge proofs have been proposed as a way to limit information leakage on public ledger systems (blockchain). This includes efforts by financial institutions like ING ( and cryptocurrencies like Zcoin (

Global Legal Hackathon

Registration is open for the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon: The first round of the hackathon is kicking off February 22nd so be sure to sign-up soon! Global Legal Hackathon...

A Blockchain Story: Nakul Chawla

Twenty-seven-year-old Nakul Chawla, got his undergraduate degree in Information Sciences in Bangalore, India before coming to Arizona State University for graduate school. Nakul, having just defended his thesis, will be graduating this winter with a Masters in...